Virtuoso Travel Week – 4 Takeaways

Virtuoso Travel week is finally over, and as everyone leaves Las Vegas I wanted to share with you my main takeaways from this whirlwind week.  Travel always connects us to new and exciting cultures, ideas and ways of life.  Virtuoso Travel Week is no different, we get to see the new and inventive ways the industry is changing and make sure our clients get the best trip possible.  Below are my top 4 takeaways from the week


1.       Wellness is booming
Wellness travel is so big right now.  Whether that is a nice hotel with a great spa, or a full retreat that kicks you back into shape.  There are so many different options to fit whatever you are looking for.  My favorite option this year was The Ranch, a 7 day bootcamp with no alcohol, forced hikes and workouts and pre-planned meals.

2.       Expedition Travel
While we love our traditional vacation ideas (think Italy, France, Japan etc), some clients are looking for something new.  In recent years there has been a huge expansion in this market, and now clients have great options for cruising the Amazon, Galapagos and Polar regions.  Our favorite partner is Lindblad, who pairs environmentally conscious true expedition travel with the service level that our clients traditionally expect.


3.       Giving Back
By far my favorite partner that I met with this week was ME to WE.  They pair luxurious adventure travel with improving the lives of the local community.  Your vacation may include helping to build a school or other needed facilities for local communities, and in return you get authentic experiences without the “staged” feeling.  Visit the world and at the same time, make a difference in a faraway community!

4.       Connections
Travel advisers can provide so much value to clients, not just because we know the products, but because we know the people behind those products.  We are on a first name basis with many people in the industry, and that means clients get treated with more care and respect.   These connections are the heart of Virtuoso Travel Week and what really separates our bookings from those of a traditional online website.