Never flown International First/Business Class? Here are 4 of the best reasons to give it a try


For many people airfare is a means to an end, something you deal with to get to your final destination.  Regardless of whether you are traveling for work or for pleasure there are many reasons to pay the premium on an upgraded air experience.  Below are our top reasons to book, and be sure to reach out to Nick Running Travel before your next business or personal trip.  We have access to non-public rates (prices you can’t find online), and every trip comes with a personal consultation to ensure we pick the flights right for you.

1.       Lie Flat Seats
Why spend your hard earned money on a vacation only to sleepwalk through the first few days.  Don’t walk into an important business meeting still trying to recover from your time zone change.  Almost all flights these days have lie flat seats that allow you to properly adjust to your time zone change.  Many First Class seats even have expensive mattress pads that mimic a bed in a hotel room.  There is nothing better than waking up fully rested to hit the ground running.


2.       Upgraded Airport Experience
Customers receive expedited security, lounge access and other perks to help make the airport experience more luxurious. Lounges often offer free food and alcohol and are usually a much better place to spend time at the airport.  Some airlines offer completely separate terminals for first class passengers and Michelin star restaurants.

3.       Enhanced onboard food and beverage
No more choosing between unknown red or white wines and microwave dinners.  Business cabins usually offer 4-5 wine options that can retail for as high as $50 a bottle. Food is also served restaurant style, plated and normally in courses.  Some airlines even go as far to have chiefs onboard cooking meals.  Many first class offering included rare and high end wines retailing over $400 a bottle.



4.       Higher Service Standard
Premium cabins offer much higher service levels than economy.  There are many more crew members per passenger and they often go out of their way to make sure you have a good experience.  From someone to hang your jacket upon boarding, to personal delivery of pre-departure champagne, anyone who prefers a personal level of service would see value in being attended to for a long flight.